Vít Voláček

In the February issue of FORBES magazine, Vít Voláček, chairman of the board of CONTEG Group, which today consists of 7 companies, introduced the company, including its history. He describes in the article how he and his father founded a wholesale store selling passive components for computer networks when he was 20 years old, and how a few years later they founded their production company CONTEG, where they began producing high-quality racks and cabinets.

From Sheet Metal to Smart Lockers

Over the twenty years of its existence, the Czech family company CONTEG Group has gone from producing racks to cooling systems to data centers and smart parcel lockers. It has grander plans still and the coronavirus pandemic is only playing into its hands.

Vít Voláček was only 20 years old when he and his father founded a wholesale store selling passive components for computer networks. They soon found out, however, that there was no supplier on the market who could provide them with high-quality racks and cabinets, which was an essential part of their product range. And so, in 1998, they founded Conteg, where they began producing racks themselves, providing their own supply for their business…

None of us in the company are the type that would sell cheap, low-quality product. All of us want to offer excellent services to customers at a commensurate price. Vít Voláček, chairman of the board of CONTEG Group

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Interest in gastronomy has waned, so they started making parcel lockers. Now they head out into the world.

On the one hand, the pandemic has endangered the livelihoods of many companies, but on the other, it has brought new opportunities that can move a company in a completely different direction. The Czech Conteg Group, with a turnover of CZK 1.3 billion, can say that better than most.

Over the course of over 20 years of existence, the group has gone from producing racks and cabinets to cooling systems, display cases, wine coolers, and data centers all the way to supplying comprehensive technological units. A brand new addition to its product range is parcel lockers, where Conteg has joined forces with the Czech company Payment4U, which focuses on payment kiosks and terminals…