OX.point fully automated delivery and storage lockers support cash and cashless payments.

This joint venture of the companies CONTEG Group a.s. and  Payment4U, a.s. is a purely Czech entity that offers revolutionary, fully automated delivery and storage lockers with unique software, interior sanitization, and cooling. The lockers are designed for storing non-food and food parcels for both large distributors on the market and for state administration for, e.g. the contactless handover of personal documents or payments for citizens. CONTEG Payment4U offers several types of lockers built on IoT modules that support cash and cashless payments in combination with self-service parcel lockers with or without cooling.


“Combining our twenty years of know-how in the area of developing software payment solutions and mobile applications with CONTEG Group’s experience in the field of mechanical engineering and development of IT cooling gave rise to an excellent collaboration that has a lot to offer to e-commerce, state administration, and even the everyday lives of people.”

Zdeněk Vacek, CEO of Payment4U


Modular System for First and Last Mile

The modular system is a comprehensive solution for first and last mile, making it suitable for delivering non-food parcels such as clothes or electronics, as well as for collecting parcels from the market in the case of complaints or returned goods, etc. Higher-end series will also offer cooling, making them ideal for delivering food or medication.

Further upgrades are available in the form of autonomous operation based on a radio network, the automatic detection of locker contents, sanitization of the interior, etc. All product series include remote management capable of detecting locker occupancy, opening individual units remotely, and providing monitoring in the event of vandalism or fire.


“The new lockers are not just used for contactless delivery and the pickup of parcels. Their central module also allows for the provision of services associated with cash and cashless payments. Such features are invaluable for municipal or district authorities, who can then offer comprehensive services to their citizens and improve accessibility and safety without the need for major investment.”

Vít Voláček, chairman of the board of CONTEG Group

The first CONTEG Payment4U self-service lockers will be installed in 10 selected locations in Prague during the pilot portion of the project in late 2020/early 2021. Over the course of 2021, the company and its partners also plan to build an extensive network of parcel lockers across the Czech Republic for a number of logistics companies, along with custom lockers for private entities.